Last Week’s #SixWordStories Posted to Twitter

less-is-more-791109_640I’ve decided to take up writing six word stories and posting them to my author account on Twitter. I’ve become fascinated with the concept of telling an entire story in six words. It looks deceptively simple but is actually pretty challenging because you have to set the scene, infer a beginning and middle, and provide a resolution in a tiny span of words. As I confessed on my main blog, I have trouble editing my imagination into a readable story. I figure writing six word stories can provide some excellent practice in this area.

Anyway, here’s the roundup of the one’s I posted on Twitter last week, May 8 to May 14 (plus one I wrote a couple of months ago).

  • He opened the box and vanished. [02/02]
  • A scream. A gurgle. Then nothing. [05/13]
  • Six teens. Three tents. One machete. [05/13]
  • Rainbow brought four leprechauns. No gold. [05/14]
  • “Eh, whatevs. I’ve haunted worse places.” [05/14]

My goal is to post two a day. So if you want to procrastinate with some ultra-micro fiction, follow my author account on Twitter: @DeviMichaelis.

Have a great Monday!


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