Malitiaville – I

“I’ll return shortly,” he said. That was three years ago.

Evelyn watched the moonlight struggle to enter her bedroom. Too weak to penetrate the palpable darkness saturating the space, the moonbeams bounced off the blackness and scattered back into the night. Exactly 404 days have passed since his last letter. The silence toyed with her imagination, making it conjure up numerous grisly possibilities for his continued absence.

With an impatient sigh, she curled into a ball, attempting to quiet the feeling of dread writhing around in her stomach. She hadn’t expected to worry about him this much.

*This is a slightly revised first chapter of my supernatural series Malitiaville (you can read the original here). I’m currently editing the second chapter and hope to have it posted soon.


Consistency and #SixWordStory for 5/23 to 5/31

icon-1247949_640No, I haven’t completely abandoned this project. Consistency is one of my major struggles as a writer, always has been. Once the excitement of a new project wears off, the real work of sticking with it to completion begins and this is where I always stumble.

I’m envious of writers who can sit at the computer and produce content day in and day out. Sometimes I feel like they’re employing some magic that keeps their butts in the chairs and hands on the keyboards on a daily basis that I’m not privy to, but I know that type of output is a combination of internal motivation and having an effective and supportive system in place.

So that’s what I’ve been working on. I changed up my routine to ensure I’m working on something creative at the same time each day—and I say creative instead of writing because I’m also developing video games—and I hope that will get me get passed this problem.

Anyway, here are the #sixwordstory posts for the rest of May. Enjoy!
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