Consistency and #SixWordStory for 5/23 to 5/31

icon-1247949_640No, I haven’t completely abandoned this project. Consistency is one of my major struggles as a writer, always has been. Once the excitement of a new project wears off, the real work of sticking with it to completion begins and this is where I always stumble.

I’m envious of writers who can sit at the computer and produce content day in and day out. Sometimes I feel like they’re employing some magic that keeps their butts in the chairs and hands on the keyboards on a daily basis that I’m not privy to, but I know that type of output is a combination of internal motivation and having an effective and supportive system in place.

So that’s what I’ve been working on. I changed up my routine to ensure I’m working on something creative at the same time each day—and I say creative instead of writing because I’m also developing video games—and I hope that will get me get passed this problem.

Anyway, here are the #sixwordstory posts for the rest of May. Enjoy!

  • Hips shakin’. Lips hatin’. Teeth breakin’. 05/22
  • Dr. Parsons. Re: Experiment. Run! 05/23
  • Two kisses. Two rings. Two graves. 05/23
  • Two bullets. Two headstones. Two million. 05/24
  • Tires screeching. Child whimpering. Dog whining. 05/27
  • Two emails later, she was arrested. 05/27
  • The bottled note couldn’t be read. 05/27
  • They translated the symbols. “Send nudes.” 05/27
  • “Guilty,” he said. The judge cried. 05/27
  • She fell asleep and never awoke. 05/27
  • They left Earth. “F*ck those guys.” 05/27
  • “Boo!” “Nah, not feeling it.” “Ugh.” 05/27
  • “You’re mediocre,” she said, spilling tea. 05/28
  • Bored with haunting, Emmie started writing. 05/28
  • “Naps rock,” I whispered. Everyone nodded. 05/29
  • The machine whirred. “No. My memories!” 05/29
  • “It’s coffee adventure time! Quest start.” 05/30
  • The radio crackled. “We…followed…ahhh!” 05/30
  • Oceans rose and receded. “Earth’s clean.” 05/31
  • Klutzy kid. Treasured T-shirt. Foreseeable fiasco. 05/31

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